Care Guide

Lingerie Care Advice

Your lingerie needs to be pampered, which is why many brands recommend care advice on their labels as each piece is different. Here are a few general rules for looking after it:

  • Machine-wash your lingerie at a low temperature on gentle or delicate cycle. From experience, we know that hand-washing can damage the lace due to rubbing;

  • Never machine-wash at a temperature higher than 86°F;

  • Use a laundry pouch to protect your lingerie and machine;

  • Never use chlorine or bleach, and choose a mild detergent without optical brighteners, especially for dark colors;

  • Do not dry clean;

  • Ironing is not recommended, steam with care.


Swimwear Care Advice

Care advice for your swimsuit so you can enjoy wearing it summer after summer:

  • Rinse your swimsuit in fresh water after each use;

  • Hand-wash in warm soapy water without rubbing or wringing, and avoid leaving your swimsuit soaking in water for too long;

  • Avoid all contact with sun creams and oils that could attack the elastic or alter the colors;

  • Do not dry-clean or place in washer or dryer.